Applied for social assistance with 10 cars

In Istanbul, all applications made by the risk group to 112, 155 and 156 call centers have been directed to Vefa Social Support Group communication centers in 39 districts since 22 March. In the District Vefa Social Support Group, which was created under the coordination of the Avcılar District Governorship, the officers from the Office of Mufti, National Education and the Police Department answer the calls. Bilal Yıldız, Director of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation of Avcılar District Governorate, said that they serve with 2 personnel and 1 vehicle in 10 neighborhoods in the district, they meet 48 drug, 256 food parcels and 1850 shopping requests in the last 1 month, they meet the calls at any time of the day.


The Director of the Foundation, Bilal Yıldız, stated that the requests from the wealthiest people among the applications were upsetting themselves and they were engaged unnecessarily, said:

Unfortunately, there are some people among the applicants, from the 10 cars, the lowest of which is the 2016 model, until they have mezzanine shops, duplex apartments, summer houses. There are even 4 different applicants from the same family. What are these, our applications? they can ask, they lock the system. We are ashamed to answer them. They are in serious abuse attempt. While some people try to lock the process, we respond to them in the best way. We will not allow them to lock the system. Our friends work day and night.

Among those who work in the Vefa Line in Avcılar are Tahtakale Mahallesi Hicret Mosque Imam Ramazan Akyıldız, İGS Süleyman Çelebi Mosque Officer Sezgin Soysal in Cihangir District, deputy director of a secondary school, and a police guard.


In the meantime, the request of a family in the coronavirus quarantine, living in the Mustafakemal Pasha Quarter, one of the calls to the Vefa Group in Avcilar, was delivered to the houses by food parcels, bread and water officers, and also festive chocolate was given. Family members thanked the help.


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