APPOINTMENT WITH COVID – Doctor suggests not reserving vaccines for second dose

The prominent Dominican doctor specializing in internal medicine, pulmonology and intensive care, Dr. Jorge Marte Báez, is of the opinion that the country should not apply vaccination against Covid-19 on the basis of reserving the second dose of those vaccinated and recalled “that a dose is better than having nothing. “

The medical director of Cedimat, Master of Dominican Medicine and Dominican Pulmonology, said he was concerned about the hoarding of the vaccine by powerful countries.

He stressed that the Dominican Government must make all possible efforts from a political, diplomatic, lobbying and economic point of view to guarantee the doses that the population needs.

Marte Báez, the only Dominican specialist residing in the country with certification of his specialty both in the United States and in Europe and a former Medical Advisor to the Executive Branch, made his statements by participating as a guest in the “Appointment with the Covid” that broadcasts every Monday 9:00 pm, hosted by its director Miguel Franjul and journalist Doris Pantaleón. He said that it does not favor the saving of the second dose of the vaccines that have been arriving in the country and that given the difficulties that exist in obtaining them, the Government should try to cover as many people as possible with a first dose.

He explained that the second dose does not necessarily have to be the same type of vaccine applied, since it may be different, although manufactured with the same principle or technology.

He understands that the national vaccination plan that has been applied in the country is very well planned and designed, with very good logistics, but that he is concerned about the availability of the vaccine, noting that President Luis Abinader himself, in a courageous statement, He has said that powerful countries have taken it over.

“We need the commercial commitments that certain pharmaceutical companies had made with the Dominican State to be honored,” said Dr. Marte Báez.

You have to get vaccinated

The specialist, who has already applied the first dose of the Covid vaccine in the country, said he is concerned to hear that 40% of the Dominican population say they would not be vaccinated against Covid, which is even more worrisome when that is heard among medical personnel.

He considers that the entire population that applies for this must be vaccinated.

“The Covid vaccine is necessary at the present time, it is as or more necessary than any of the traditional vaccines that have never been questioned or the brand and country of origin has been investigated, because the Covid is the greatest health catastrophe that has ever been presented at least, being conservative, in the last century, “he said.

He said publicly urging not to be vaccinated could be bordering on a crime against humanity.

So far, he explained, the only population groups that to date are out of Covid vaccination, because it is contraindicated, are patients with a history of anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions in which the patient’s breathing has been compromised, as well as in children under 16 years of age.

He explained that so far all the vaccines are aimed at people over 18 years old and one of them over 16 years old, but he thinks that will change because many children are infected and there are registered deaths from the virus and that studies are already being done until in young children.

He said that people with the active virus should wait to recover to be vaccinated and that those who have had the virus can be immunized, because it has been shown that it can repeat.

Care and openings.

He warned that even if the person is vaccinated, they must follow the measures of distancing, washing their hands and the use of a mask.

He recalled that no medicine or vaccine is infallible against the lethal disease, because the effectiveness is not 100%.



Marte Báez said that at the moment the country shows a frank reduction in the incidence of the virus, which he hopes will continue to progress with vaccination.

Grain of salt.

He said that everything that is said about the virus should be taken with “a grain of salt” because in the year of the pandemic “it has made us wrong on more than one occasion.”


He stressed that months ago there was an inverse, low mortality and high positivity, but currently with the large amount of tests that are made, positivity acquires greater importance.


He attributed the highest reports of deaths to the fact that there are patients who remain hospitalized for a long time and others arrive in very advanced conditions of the disease.


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