Approved by Gustavo Quinteros: they affirm that former U. de Chile and La Roja will reinforce Colo Colo | Football

Sebastian Oria | UNO Agency


Colo Colo he continues to chew failure after being eliminated from the international level last Tuesday and, with the goal of escaping from the bottom of the National Championship, he also thinks of reinforcements to reverse his terrible moment.

Everything points to the Uruguayan defender Maximiliano Falcon He will arrive at the ‘Cacique’ from the Rentistas del football charrúa, but he would not be the only one in talks with the albos.

According to CDF, the coach Gustavo Quinteros expressed his interest in a former University of Chile and selected from La Roja, who could be the second incorporation of Colo Colo in the transfer market that is just beginning.

Is about Angelo Araos, currently at Corinthians in Brazil, a cast where he has not found a starting space despite a couple of very good performances.

“He is a player who has the doors open from Quinteros to join the squad. They have to wait for the procedures ”, they detailed in the Pelota Parada program.

They also added that the Albos want three or four reinforcements and, considering that the foreigner quota would be used by Falcón, the rest of the incorporations must be Chilean.

“They would opt for a loan, which does not mean paying a lot of money, and allows them to have Araos until January 31, the date where the National Championship would end,” they added from the CDF.

It is worth mentioning that Colo Colo will play again this Wednesday, October 28, when he visits Everton in Viña del Mar for his duel pending the 16th date of the local tournament.


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