Aqdar World Summit highlights the strength of “UAE credibility”

The first day of the Aqdar World Summit, which kicked off on Sunday at Expo 2020 Dubai, witnessed many events, including “Emirati Credibility”.

On Sunday morning, the fourth edition of the Aqdar World Summit, which bears the slogan “Positive Global Citizenship – Enabling Sustainable Investment Opportunities,” kicked off on Sunday morning. remaining.

The “Emirati Credibility” event, which is in its first session, was launched in partnership with the National and Reserve Service and a number of other government agencies that successively participate in the sessions in a diverse country platform that is implemented by several national institutions aiming to shed light on the Emirati qualities and values ​​that stemmed from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God rest his soul, has the directives of the wise leadership to make the Emirati citizen according to several characteristics, including: bold, efficient, distinguished and successful, an opportunity for those who want to get acquainted closely with the Emirati character and values.

The event began with the discussion of “The Emirati is committed to serving his country” and highlighted how the people of the Emirates are committed to setting the finest examples of serving the country and their role in achieving the aspirations of the leadership and contributing to the strengthening of the civilized country’s march. Mitha Rashid, Salem Mohammed, Ahmed Al Zaidi and Omar Al Hammadi spoke in it.

The activities of the Aqdar Summit, which is one of the initiatives of the Khalifa Empowerment Program – Aqdar, continue to be a platform for convergence and civilized and cultural dialogue with a group of specialists, decision-makers and executives in government and private sectors.

With the aim of enhancing the role of the UAE’s soft power, developing sustainable rich partnerships between governments and international organizations, spreading the thought of the late founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan “may God rest his soul” and his approach to tolerance, peace and coexistence among people, and providing a work environment to generate investment opportunities, growth, innovation and cooperation between countries and individuals.

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