“Arash Derambarsh remains a lawyer. Camouflet for the University of Paris La Sorbonne »

Our colleagues from Parisien confirm the information that the Council of the Paris Bar Association has ruled out any sanction against Maître Arash Derambarsh concerning the alleged “plagiarism” of his law thesis.

Indeed, the council of the Paris Bar Association affirms that the University of the Sorbonne, which canceled the thesis of the elected representative of Courbevoie, has shown “blameworthy levity”.

It is a real snub for its provisional administrator, Thomas Clay. He had made this report to the Bar and made every effort to create smoke screens about the mismanagement of his doctoral students.

As we have regularly denounced, the University is criticized for its gruesome dysfunctions of which Arash Derambarsh is in fact a victim.

This is a first victory for the elected official from Courbevoie. The next step will be before the National Council for Higher Education and Research (CNESER) which is considered to be the appeal of the disciplinary decision of La Sorbonne.

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