‘ARAS’s solution strategy is not convincing’

“It doesn’t convince me”, said the president of the Chihuahua State Banking Center (CBECH), Héctor Sada, regarding the strategy to solve the delay in payments of Aras Business Group, presented by the CEO, Armando Gutiérrez, who is supported by the production of the “La Morita” mine located in the Municipality of Ascensión.

He stressed that an investment business cannot be consolidated through a mine that has been stopped, so he doubted the way in which they are getting their value.

The banker reiterated his exhortation to investors to file their claim with the corresponding authorities due to non-payment of returns and capital.

On the same public recognition by the businessman that the mine only operated in a certain polygon and that exploration would be expanded to generate higher returns and respond to investments, the president of CBECH asked: “Why was it not done before? Why are you thunderous until now? “

He reiterated that that is why he was not convinced by the solution strategy presented by CEO Armando Gutiérrez in a presentation made on social networks as a way out of his problems.

Héctor Sada said that what you may be looking for is time, the investment promoter corporation, which may be good to go out.

“However, for now I would not leave my patrimony waiting there; I would put the lawsuit before the authorities and see what comes next ”, emphasized the president of CBECH.

According to information available on the Aras Internet portal, the corporation has 18 thousand investors and has 19 offices in entities such as Chihuahua, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Baja California, Guanajuato and Yucatán. They also operate in Phoenix and Memphis in the United States.

He points out that the group not only operates in mining activities in Ascensión and Balleza, but also in the real estate, tourism, automotive and health sectors.

Last Friday, the CEO of Aras, Armando Gutiérrez, during an appearance on social networks to address the flow problem that he has and respond to investors for late payments in returns and capital, did not make any specific reference to those other operations.

During the presentation he only mentioned, without giving details, “as I mentioned to you, there are business units stopped and there is money that is invested in real estate, and that is why it is not flowing.”

He added that regarding the strategy to solve the delay in payments, he stressed that the “La Morita” mine is already working in the three shifts, a project from which the required solvency will emerge.

He specified that this does not mean that they will reintegrate overnight or from one month to another, this will take a while, perhaps six months, in what they leave the commitments with the authorities and in what the mine continues to operate.

He assured that they have the rights to exploit, process and commercialize the concentrate, clarifying that this is where the profits come from for all the associates that are part of the ARAS family.

He also indicated that the mine produces silver, lead, zinc and barite and added that they would seek to expand the exploration area to take advantage of other gold and silver veins shared with other mining projects.

Armando Gutiérrez assured that starting this week the three shifts will work in mining production and reiterated that they continue to work tirelessly to get ahead in the face of the current contingency and anticipated that it will be a slow recovery and predicted that it would be from the seventh month onwards. November, when they could start paying the first returns.


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