Arbitrary arrests in Cuba: regime forces illegally arrested a group of artists

The group of activists who demonstrated peacefully in front of the police station in Havana on Friday (Facebook)

A dozen activists were arrested on Friday night at the Cuba and Chacón police station in Havana for congregating in front of the building during the afternoon of that day to request information on the status of Denis Solís, a young Cuban deprived of his liberty since November 9.

The local environment Cuban newspaper He reported that The first to be arrested was the art curator Anamely Ramos, who decided to enter the police unit to ask why Solís had been detained and the agents blocked her exit and forced her to enter a room where she was interrogated.

A video posted on social media by academic Omara Ruiz Urquiola shows how several officers and agents in civilian clothes arrested the activists gathered in front of the police station. Hours later, when she was released, Ruiz Urquiola denounced that a police officer squeezed her in such a violent way that it made her bleed wounds from cancer that she suffers.

This is how several activists gathered in front of the Havana police headquarters on Friday night were arrested

Anamely Ramos also reported that she was attacked by police officers. In a Facebook broadcast, the artist showed a wound on her jaw and said that one officer strangled her so hard that she would have suffocated her had it not been for someone else telling her to let her go.

Ramos also revealed that a policeman told him that the young Denis Solís was tried for the crime of “contempt” and he was transferred to the Valle Grande prison, in Havana, while he awaits the verdict of the trial.

Although most of that group of protesters is already at large, those reports by Ramos and Ruiz Urquiola generated a strong reaction from other activists and independent journalists who mobilized to the police headquarters to hold a sit-in and protest against the arbitrary arrests of the regime.

Scientist Oscar Casanella, who was also locked up and released, claimed that Jovian Batista Díaz is currently detained, as is Jorge Luis Brian, as reported by Omara Ruiz Urquiola.

The organization Cultura Democrática repudiated these acts of police violence and pointed out that “between Thursday and today, Saturday, November 14, they have already arbitrarily detained Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Katherine Bisquet, Anamely Ramos, Omar Casanella, Iliana Hernández, Maykel Osorbo, Héctor Luis Valdes, Michel Matos, Amaury Pacheco, among others”. And he added that “even People like Anamely Ramos and Luis Manuel Otero have been arrested twice in these three days; His whereabouts are currently unknown”.

“Some activists were arrested when they left their house before reaching the police station, as is the case of Iliana Hernández, or they have been arrested when they brought food to those who were doing the sit-in, as was the case of Alfredo Martínez”, denounced a statement from CulturaDemocrática released this Saturday.

On the left, Denis Solís (Facebook)

On the left, Denis Solís (Facebook)

Denis Solís’ arrest on November 9 came after several days of harassment by the Police, marked by “frequent calls, visits and threats,” as Ramos explained to Journal of Cuba.

Solís had already been arrested on October 10, when the Police mounted a strong surveillance operation at the headquarters of the San Isidro Movement (a group that promotes and defends civil and cultural rights on the island) to prevent the holding of a concert ” for the freedom of Cuba ”.

On October 19, nine days after that arrest, Solís decided to tattoo the words “Cambio Cuba Libre” on his torso, and shared the image on his social networks pointing out that “they will have to tear the skin from his chest” to erase that message.

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