Arceus is already streaming online, and it’s not out yet

Photo: The Pokémon Company

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It was already leaked and documented this week, and now it looks complete The gameplay stages are streamed on Twitch and uploaded to YouTube.

As pointed out by My Nintendo News, these channels are likely to run ROM versions via emulation after some trainers were able to get physical copies early and dump game files online.

“It seems as if a few people who received the game early on have uploaded the game to illegal ROM sites, which means that Pokemon Legends: Arceus can now be played via an emulator. Some of those who downloaded the ROM were live streaming a game on Twitch and as I write, there are people who are playing online through it and streaming the full game to a few viewers.”

We’ve taken a look at ourselves and can confirm that this is all true. In one session on Twitch, the trainer had a full pool of Pokémon at around level 50. These individuals work through the game, and it is likely that this will be done with them before the new entry is officially released.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the many streams we found on Twitch (we’ve jammed it as a precaution). Most of these channels have a small number of followers and they show the game to a small number of viewers:

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is already streaming on Twitch...
Image: Screenshot of Twitch’s web browser

On YouTube, we’ve also found plenty of playbacks – one video has already racked up nearly 90,000 views – taking viewers to the first section of the game. There is more information and screenshots of the game appearing on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first thing we’ve seen of something like this – The same thing happened last November to me Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes.

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