“Arctic Cold Wave” on the Korean Peninsula

The Korean Peninsula, China, and Japan were frozen by an arctic cold wave.

Seoul fell to -17.1 degrees Celsius on the 25th.

The temperature in Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost part of China, fell to -53 degrees Celsius on the 22nd.

Tokyo, Japan, also fell to minus 3 degrees Celsius.

As a cold wave hits the Korean peninsula and heavy snow falls, many flights are canceled and trains are disrupted.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that a lot of snow would fall in the central region between the night of the 25th and the morning of the 26th.

In Japan, a lot of flights are canceled due to record-breaking cold waves and heavy snow, and trains and vehicles are disrupted.

On the 26th, in North Korea, the lowest temperature in the morning recorded a maximum of minus 25 degrees Celsius, and cold weather is expected.

By region, the minimum temperature in the morning in Pyongyang will be minus 9 degrees Celsius and Sinuiju will be minus 14 degrees.

The morning minimum temperature in Hamheung will drop to minus 14 degrees Celsius and Jangjin to minus 24 degrees Celsius.

From the 26th, it is expected that this cold weather will gradually be released to the normal level, but it is expected that it will become colder and released again for the time being.

VOA News

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