ARD Advent dinner: The broadcaster thanks its stars

Judging by the lightning storm, he was the star of the evening: presenter Florian Silbereisen (38). And indeed, he was also greeted by name at the traditional Advent dinner of program director First German Television, Volker Herres (62), which took place on Friday evening at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich:

"Whether comedy or the big entertainment show on Saturday night, our formats and our protagonists are the real crowd pullers." Keyword: Florian Silbereisen, who plays in the premier league and remains in the top league of the first – even if he's a bit of his But the main thing is, he is very firmly on board with us, then everything is fine, "said the host with a small swipe towards the new" dream ship "captain (ZDF).

Extra praise for the Eberhoferkrimis

Of course, with so many guests, not all could be named explicitly in the short welcome speech. Nevertheless, the honor was given to a small team when the program director talked about one of the summer highlights, the fifth Eberhofer film adaptation of Sauerkrautkoma. "To my great joy, Sebastian Bezzel (48), Simon Schwarz (48) and Lisa Maria Potthoff (41) have the entire main cast here tonight (…) Thank you for making the first one a joyous program too. with these contributions, which we are happy to send and which we hope for many more, "says Herres.

Flagship Sunday Crime

Once again this year many "crime scene" and "police call" stars followed the invitation to Munich, including the longest-serving investigator, who celebrated her 30th anniversary this year. "We have two more beautiful projects in the works, and I am delighted that I can continue celebrating my career on this ship," said an optimistic Ulrike Folkerts (58) from the news agency spot on news.

Actress Anneke Kim Sarnau (47) also traveled from the cinematic high north. And former investigators such as Oliver Mommsen (50) and Sabine Postel (65) like to come to the feast on St Nicholas Day.

"A free and open society needs this cement"

"With our programs, we can make a very significant contribution to the cohesion of our society, to dialogue, to tolerance and to mutual understanding, which is important to me – a free and open society needs this glue that holds them together – whether entertainment or sport, information or fiction – all of you here in the room are part of that, "thanked Herres once again – and then asked to table …

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