Are Smartphones Eligible For Making Videos? This is what TikTok creators say – all pages

These creators say the pros and cons of how important smartphone devices are in making videos.

Report from Nextren Journalist, Zihan Fajrin. – TikTok recently presented an awards ceremony for the audience creator that is TikTok Awards 2020.

One of the winners is Ibra Isman with a username TikTok @bukananakdapur, Creator of the Year, Brigita Meliala @idgitaf, Best of Performer dan Aldo Giustino @aldogiustino21, Best of Technology.

TikTok give a special event for the interview with the three creator and the three of them shared their feedback about the device when making a video.

In making videos TikTok need a device smartphone.

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Currently smartphones or cellphones are presented in various price categories for entry level, mid range and flasghip.

There are also two types, namely cellphones that run on Android and iOS from Apple, which are synonymous with quite expensive prices.

It turns out that there are pros and cons that can be seen from the response of TikTok creators regarding the smartphone it uses in making videos.

What is the reason? Come on to the next page.

According to Ibra, the creator of food on TikTok, the type of smartphone device does not really matter in making videos.

“In my opinion, a smartphone is not that important, so the first time I created content, I also used a cellphone which, thank God, was adequate, just not as good as now,” said Ibra.

But this is not a benchmark. Because according to him, TikTok users definitely see the content shown by creators more.

This is also in line with Aldo’s thoughts who like to create editing content that looks like magic.

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TikTok creators who received awards at the 2020 TikTok Awards

“(The type of) equipment (smartphone) is actually not really important, I also made the video at the beginning using a 5MP cellphone (camera), it’s also really bad (good),” said Aldo.

He reminded some creators on TikTok in looking for devices that suit their desires and the most important thing is the concept of content.

Unlike Ibra and Aldo, Gita said that smartphones are quite influential in making videos.

The content that Gita has is singing and on TikTok there is a duet feature that is often used by users to collaborate to make songs more interesting.

According to him, Android smartphones are quite delayed when used for the duet feature.

“I am an Android user for quite a while and have never used an Apple product, but starting from August I started content on TikTok when using the duet feature, it must have been delayed,” explained Gita.

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That way, he asked his mother to help Gita buy an iPhone, which he thought was quite expensive.

As a promise, Gita will try to keep pursuing his desires by utilizing these devices.

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