are the epidemic maps still relevant?

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THE CHEKING PROCESS – Become famous with their red, orange and green color, they have not been updated since May 7 while they are still in force.

32 departments remain “red” against 69 “green”.
32 departments remain “red” against 69 “green”. Public Health France

THE QUESTION. Some habits have eroded over time, like the television meeting with the Director General of Health, Professor Jérôme Salomon, which is no longer daily, or the applause for caregivers, more irregular. Another phenomenon will have lasted much shorter: the updating of the maps monitoring the epidemic in France, which have become famous with their three colors – green, orange and red. They have gradually drawn the contours of a France cut in two, with a deconfinement, from May 11, slower in the northeast quarter of France.

Appeared on April 30, the main map – synthesis of 2 then 3 criteria for monitoring the epidemic – is still valid: 32 departments are always in “red”, while 69 are in “green”. Except that this distribution has not been updated since May 7. Only eight decks of cards were produced, then nothing. A situation that annoys some elected officials. “It penalizes

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