are the richest more likely to be infected?

A study called EpiCov, conducted by the directorate of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees), shows that the richest 10% of the population would have more risk of being contaminated by Covid-19. The reason ? This study estimates that their lifestyle, their living conditions, make them more exposed to the virus.

It is the Parisian which reveals this study according to which the richest 10% of French are twice as likely to contract Covid-19 than the middle classes. Stéphane Legleye, Head of the Household Living Conditions Division at INSEE, explains to the Parisian that “the more one goes up in the social categories, the more the book of social relations expands”. This would explain why wealthy people rub shoulders with more people, thus increasing their probability of being infected.

Another factor that may explain this predisposition is that the rich were able to continue their activities as usual: see their friends, bring their family, continue their work and not be on partial unemployment. So many factors that multiply social interactions.

A study that has its limits

However, this kind of study has its limits according to Stéphane Legleye. “We know that on the one hand the wealthiest people tend to respond to surveys more than the less well-off, but also the more well-off. pay more attention to their health than the less well-off “, he explains to the local newspaper.

“INSEE has done an excellent job of weighing the results collected, but it is not impossible that there is still some explanation to be found in this bias,” he said.

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