Are you retiring? Sebastián Yatra leaves his fans confused in networks

Through his official account on Instagram, the famous and loved by many Sebastian Yatra carried out a peculiar action that so far has stunned his loyal public, as well as different entertainment media, because his profile underwent a drastic change.

Taking by surprise his more than 26 million followers in this distinguished social network, he eliminated each and every one of your publications that throughout his career he had shared with his admirers, and later published a single one, with a confusing message.

Yes, as you read it, it turns out that yesterday, Yatra disappeared all the content of his account, leaving only a message with a video and 2 black and white images, which said: “Goodbye for now”.

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This caused that, immediately, the speculations did not wait among his millions of fans, which under different arguments and all kinds of discussions, ended up being divided into of the possibilities.

The first, affirms that the talented Colombian chose to replicate the trend of other internationally known superstars and celebrities, it is about doing exactly what he did, before putting it on the market a new single musical, they delete all their content to leave the attention focused only on that, their latest material.

The second possibility, and apparently the one that sounds louder, is that the Colombian was expressing his mourning and pain for his great friend, the Ecuadorian driver Efraín Ruales, who was cruelly stripped of his life this past January 27 while driving through the streets from Guayaquil, without the cause and perpetrator of this murder being known so far.

Post that, although it is no longer available in your profile, various media They notified the fact, and the message is the following: “Brother, it breaks my soul to see you leave, you did not deserve to leave so soon, I will always remember you as a person full of light, one of the first to open the doors for me when I was just beginning”, was the message with which Sebastián Yatra said goodbye to his friend.

However, as we have mentioned, this post was removed like the other posts.

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Among the comments of this single publication of his profile, many users can be read confused and asking the artist for explanations, such as the official fan clubs in different parts of Latin America, under the argument that “they are crazy” because they do not understand anything of what is happening.

Several others commented that it was unfair that he did this to them, as it cannot only disappear from the internet, in addition to various users who have done nothing but comment on all kinds of emojis of sad faces with tears.

Even among the other social networks, the singer’s fans debate about the possible answers that the artist has not given publicly, and some assume that it is about his retirement from the music industry, something that, without a doubt, his fans do not it pleases nothing to even think.

The truth is that, so far, Sebastián has not made any comment on the matter, and the truth is we believe that he will not do so, we can only hope that it will happen, and we will be very aware of whether he makes any other publication, or at least from another social network I took a few seconds to send some kind of message or something like that.


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