Home News Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics … Uruguay saves Brazil

Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics … Uruguay saves Brazil


Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics … Uruguay saves Brazil

The Argentine national football team booked a place in the men’s soccer competition at the upcoming Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020, after receiving the first qualification card from the South American qualifiers for the Olympics.

The Argentine team snatched the card to qualify by winning precious two goals to one against its Colombian counterpart in the second round of the final stage activities in the tournament currently held in Colombia, which qualifies for the Olympics.

And the Argentine team raised its score to 6 points from two successive wins at this stage to top the group while the Colombian team balance stuck at one point in the last fourth in the group.

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On the other hand, the Brazilian national team escaped the trap of defeat in the other match of this round, and grabbed a 1-1 draw with Uruguay to maintain its chance to qualify for the Olympic title that holds its title.

Uruguay advanced with a goal scored by Manuel Ugarte Ribeiro in the 35th minute, and the samba dancers tied through friendly fire, where the equalizer Ignacio de Arrobarina, the Uruguayan goalkeeper, accidentally scored in his team’s goal in the 40th minute.




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