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The health sector has been one of the hardest hit due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 and this has caused that, over the months, some of its members end up getting tired and decide to resign, motivated by social irresponsibility; so it happened with Marcelo Lemus, a 64-year-old doctor from the Argentine province of Between rivers.

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Through a video recorded by the doctor himself, Lemus -who worked in the town of San José- He assured that he had just give up to his guard due to little interest of people to take care of themselves.

“This is becoming a mess that will end in chaos if people do not understand that, if we do not take care of each other – mainly young people and adolescents – it will end in something much worse,” said Lemus.

The doctor pointed out that people “keep gathering together and are not aware of what is happening,” causing fatigue in people in the health sector, including him. “I will not continue taking risks for the unconscious and irresponsible who do not know that this is serious and serious.”

Lemus said that during the pandemic of COVID-19 a large number of health-related personnel have died so that now, at the worst time, people stop taking care of themselves.

“This way we cant work. Perhaps like me there are many, perhaps many others do not want to say it; I am not going to remain silent and become an accessory to this disaster, ”the doctor declared in his recording.

After his message, Lemus was interviewed by the medium C5N and delved into why he made the decision to resign, pointing to a photo sent by a friend from college as a trigger.

“It was a photo of a spa with a group of more than 200 young people, all crowded together, singing, drinking, squeezing, all together. Something logical in normal times, but not in this ”, Marcelo mentioned in the interview.

In the interview, the 64-year-old doctor pointed out that, among the various patients they received at the hospital, there were two young boys who went to a party with 80 people, which confirmed the irresponsibility of the population.

“I cannot take a free risk. If I had conscience I would bank it (I accept it) and I move on or if I were 20 years younger, but the truth is that I am afraid. They are laughing at the entire health system in Argentina, ”said the doctor.

However, controversial actions have also been carried out by people from the health sector, as Lemus witnessed that a fourth year medical student was inviting to a party clandestine.

The doctor mentioned that three of his colleagues have died due to the coronavirus and “I don’t want to be the fourth.”

Although his decision was criticized by some people, Marcelo argues that “I have a life and what remains I want to enjoy and live well”, although at the moment he is financially affected by his resignation.

Argentina has reported more than 1.74 million positive cases for COVID-19 and more of 44 thousand deaths And, like several countries in the world, in recent days it has suffered a rebound in cases that worries the health sector, the government and part of the population.

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