Argentine newspaper clarifies the fact that Maradona took drugs on the bench

Recently, a video of the Argentine soccer star, who won the World Cup championship with his country, Diego Maradona, is taking place on social media during one of the Argentinian league matches between Jemnasia La Plata and Rosario Central, where the Maradona team received the loss. With one goal.

The story started with a video, he achieved more than 3 million views on Twitter, while he was sitting on the bench, he watched the match nervously, so that someone gave him something to swallow, so he swallowed him with water, while someone asked, a member of the technical staff, that He stands in front of the camera, in order not to transmit what Mardona uses, to spread rumors that Mardona took narcotic pills during the match.

newspaper lanacion Argentinian, you mentioned that what Marduna took was nothing more than pressure pills, as Marduna suffers from high pressure, as he was very tense, as members of the technical system feared him from this tension.

Maradona appeared in the announcement of a new series, in a television series called “Puerta 7“, Where previously produced a network HBO, Basim Diego MaradonaIt is a biography and drama film, which includes a documentary view of Maradona, and the film starring real people, Diego Armando Maradona, Diego Maradona Junior, Claudia Villavan, Crado Verlaino, Maria Rosa Maradona, Christiana Sinagra.


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