Argentine President wants to go with Evo Morales to the assumption of Arce in Bolivia

Argentine President Alberto Fernández expressed on Wednesday his desire to accompany former Bolivian president Evo Morales to the inauguration of Luis Arce in that country, and accused the OAS of complicity in a “coup d’état” to remove Morales from power. in 2019.

“I would like to go to the inauguration of ‘Lucho’ Arce. My greatest wish is to accompany Evo on his return to his homeland” from Argentina, still without a date, Fernández told El Uncover radio.

The Argentine president celebrated that “democracy has returned to Bolivia, because it is a very important instrument to transform the injustices of the continent.”

“I am convinced that Evo Morales had won the elections (in 2019) but they removed him from power and forced him into exile at the risk of his life, like many Bolivians who had to escape,” said Fernández.

The Argentine president considered that “the coup (of State) in Bolivia was a very traumatic event for the region.”

“With the complicity of the OAS they built a lie to remove Evo from power, we must celebrate the recovery of democracy in Latin America,” said Fernández.

Morales resigned from the presidency of Bolivia on November 10, 2019, after losing the support of the armed forces in the midst of a crisis unleashed after an OAS audit that established that there was a “malicious manipulation” in favor of Morales, in about elections where he was seeking his fourth consecutive term.

Morales traveled first to Mexico and then to Argentina as a refugee.

“Human rights in Bolivia were also questioned and the logic of judicial persecution against opponents also worked; but there was no one who could stop the force of the vote,” said Fernández.

Last Sunday, Arce, Morales’ political heir, won by majority in the first round. According to the official count and with 84% of the tally sheets, it adds up to more than 53% of the votes, escorted by former centrist president Carlos Mesa (29%).


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