Argentine Prosecutor’s Office indicts three nurses for stealing a ring from Carlos Menem | International

Three nurses who were in charge of the health of the late former Argentine president Carlos Menem (1989-1999) were charged this Thursday in the case in which the theft of a ring of sentimental value for the former president is being investigated.

This was confirmed to Efe by lawyer Diego Storto, plaintiff in the case, who indicated that these three nurses were charged by the Prosecutor’s Office when the Public Ministry understood that their statements were incoherent.

Despite the fact that in the searches carried out in the homes of these three defendants the ring was not found, he
Researchers are suspicious of them for various reasons.

According to Storto, they falsified their address: first they said that they resided in a part and then they changed their answer.

In addition, the defendants gave different versions of where they saw the ring, and the Prosecutor’s Office believed that these statements were sufficient for their accusation.

The three nurses, who cared for Menem during a time in which the deceased was at home before he required his last hospital admission, they will have to face an investigatory statement before the end of February.

The family of Menem, president between 1989-1999, denounced that, while the politician was convalescing in the hospital where he died last Sunday at the age of 90, someone stole from his own home the ring that the Peronist had worn for decades .

The lawyer Storto filed a complaint for theft and appeared as a plaintiff in the case together with Zulemita, the ex-president’s daughter.

The plaintiffs offer a reward to anyone who may have information about the ring.

The investigation indicates that the stolen ring, a piece of gold with an onyx stone with the engraved names of his four children, which is a replica of the one that Menem had lost in 1989,
It would have happened last December at his home in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, while he was admitted to the Los Arcos Sanatorium.

Beyond the accused nurses, a total of fifteen people had already declared in the Argentine capital’s prosecutor’s office, including nurses, assistants and employees of the former president.

The veteran politician, who was a senator since 2005 and had suffered from severe health problems for a long time, was very fond of the ring, because itIt had been given to him by his father respecting an Arab family tradition, since Menem was the son of Syrian immigrants.

In the images of the politician during his Presidency and later, it was common to see him with the jewel, which was a replica made after the loss of the original.

The family became aware of the disappearance of the ring after Menem asked, when he was hospitalized, that they bring him his glasses, since he wanted to see a soccer game.

Thus, when they brought him the cases with the glasses from his home, they noticed that the jewel was missing, since he used to keep it inside.

The lawyer Storto ruled out any type of family connection and with Menem’s lifelong collaborators.


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