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The flamboyant Argentine evangelical pastor Dante Gebel He became a celebrity in California, United States, where he founded his own church, the River Church, a success among the Hispanic community in that country. That popularity made him get a million followers on his social networks, in which he shares images of his luxurious vehicles: a yellow Ferrari and a latest model BMW, which he claims were “donations”.

“What fault do I have that God bless me so much and that He is faithful to His promises?”, justified. After a past as an electrician technician and actor in Buenos Aires, Gebel, 51, heard the call of the Lord and decided to follow the path of faith. He currently serves as “minister of the Assemblies of God and current pastor of River Church in Anaheim,” according to his personal presentation on his website.

Beneath his photo, in which the pastor wears a tuxedo, are the ways to make donations: “Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.” You can also help your work well by check, by phone and by text message. “Your contribution helps us to carry the Gospel to the whole world”, says Gebel, who is a friend of the vice president of Boca Mario Pergolini.

The contributions of the faithful are directed, among other things, to sustain the River Arena, a place attended by thousands of faithful every week, located opposite Disney World and similar in size to a football stadium. To clarify any doubts that may arise among his faithful, the Argentine pastor assured through his social networks that the Ferrari F355 Spider Giallo was a “sowing”, as the evangelical dictionary defines the word “donation”. “God blesses extravagantly”, argument.

“Someone planted this machine for me and brought it to me at the River Arena gate. And before the givers of other people’s goods say Give it to the poor, I clarify since I planted it again, so that it becomes a blessing for other people“Gebel explained and added: “My whole life has been like this! I detach myself from what God gives me and He gives me more. What fault do I have that God bless me so much and that He is faithful to His promises?”

The path of faith led him to spread his prayer in the world and in his country of origin. In Argentina, Gebel filled the River stadium three times, Velez’s twice, the Sole de La Plata twice, the Boca stadium and he even appeared at the Obelisk, as the main speaker of the popular “Youth Superclassic”.

It came to Netflix

To his extensive resume as a lecturer, book author, actor, and pastor, adds a new series based on his life. This was reported by Gebel in a publication on social networks, in which she first presented the promotional video for the play, which is already being produced with Netflix.

The series will review his career, the presentations in Latin American and Yankee stadiums, as well as its television program and its conferences, among others.


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