Argovie: Drivers at the shopping center in Spreitenbach

There was electricity in the air on Saturday in a temple of consumption in Aargau. The police had to intervene in numbers.

A hundred teenagers and young adults were close to coming to blows on Friday evening in a shopping center in Spreitenbach (AG). Called to the scene, police patrols were greeted by throwing bottles and other objects.

There was electricity in the air, a lot of aggression, the officers observed on their arrival. Saturday in a press release, they still did not know the reasons. The situation calmed down and the patrols, supported by reinforcements, managed to maintain order and security until the businesses closed.

The spirits were then momentarily heated again, the attacks this time pitting smaller groups around the mall. Several participants were the subject of an identity check and, except for a few bruises, there were no injuries, the police said in a statement.


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