Arida / Seklaoui: Investing in our industries is a high economic and development priority / “Reggie” returns Byblos to the market at the end of the year in cooperation with “British American Tobacco” – Al-Binaa Newspaper

The Lebanese Tobacco and Tobacco Inventory Administration “Reggie” announced that it will return to the Lebanese market at the end of the current year the Byblos brand, which it stopped producing since the seventies of the last century, and that it will be manufactured “with high quality specifications” by the international company “British American Tobacco” (BAT) in its factory in Jordan. According to an agreement signed by the two parties yesterday, Monday, at the main management headquarters in the event.

The president of “Reggie” and its general manager, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, and the general manager of BAT in the Middle East, Pavel Bocharov, signed the manufacturing agreement in a ceremony held in the presence of a member of the management committee, Dr. Essam Salman, Government Commissioner Mirna Baz, Financial Controller Carol Youssef, “Reggie” directors, and a number of sales leaders, in addition to the company’s delegation.

Seklaoui pointed out in a speech that the Regie added to its record “a station of international cooperation (…) a new agreement that we conclude with major international tobacco companies”, with which it has linked a “strategic partnership for years” and achieved “fruitful successes and bilateral investments.”

Recalling that “Regie” signed an agreement five years ago with the company to manufacture its varieties in the management factories, he said: “We announce today that at the end of 2022 we will reintroduce one of our brands that we had stopped producing since the seventies, with high quality specifications in the Lebanese market, which is Byblos are standard queen and king.

He added, “Byblos will be manufactured in BAT factories in Jordan and will be another illustrious brand to add to the fan of our local quality products.”

Seklaoui explained that this “industrial cooperation (…) to manufacture this new brand” is due “firstly to the mutual trust” between the two institutions “and secondly to several strategic reasons, at the beginning of which is to ensure the continuity” of the “Reggie” business. He thanked British American Tobacco for responding to the request of the Lebanese Tobacco Control Department, putting all its capabilities and energies to achieve this goal.

He added: “We believe that investing in our industries is a priority because of its impact on local development and the economy, and this is what we have done over the past years and our efforts to achieve and you until Regie topped the local industry map, and became a Middle Eastern center for the tobacco industry in the region. However, we also believe that investing in our strategic partnerships is also essential in the industrial field. Based on this belief, we have added another course of cooperation with BAT and this integrated industrial partnership, but we are confident that it will achieve sustainable economic development and ensure the continuity of our production.”

He highlighted that “the Regie has maintained its maximum production capacity despite the difficult conditions that Lebanon is going through and the major changes that it has witnessed, and went against the economic indicators to meet the needs of the Lebanese market,” but he noted that “this need is today increasing and its absorption requires building new factories and investments. Huge, financial and technical capabilities and an expensive effort.” He described cooperation with “British American Tobacco” to manufacture the new brand as “the best solution to prevent any shortage of goods and cut the way for its monopoly in the Lebanese market and prevent the exploitation of any shortage of goods that would lead to higher prices.”

He reiterated that “Reggie is on the lookout, as usual, for imitation, smuggling and counterfeiting,” explaining that “the new Byblos brand is distinguished by being encoded with a tracking system that limits the possibility of smuggling or imitating it.” He stressed that “fighting smuggling is one of the most urgent issues that Regie pays special attention to, given the negative effects of illegal trade on the national economy and the losses it has incurred at the treasury level.”

As for the general manager of BAT in the Middle East, Pavel Bocharov, he mentioned that the “historic partnership” between the company and management is “based on trust, mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s pursuit of excellence in quality.”

He added that the two institutions “are embarking on a new journey today,” explaining that “BAT’s manufacturing facility in the Jordanian capital, Amman, will manufacture Reggae products.”

He stressed that BAT will carry out this mission “with integrity and strong quality standards”, considering that “this step will strengthen the partnership” between the two parties.

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