Ariel Rot: «I understand the Maradona phenomenon but I don’t share it»

Survivor of two moves, the one in Madrid and the one in Buenos Aries, at his 60 “relaxed” years, the former leader of Tequila contemplates the “Dantesque spectacle” of Maradona’s funeral without a hint of surprise. He just lost his mother and is still grieving. Singer, guitarist and composer, Ariel Rot as a good Argentine loves to tell stories. He has recorded an audio guide about Madrid in the 80s, of which he was the protagonist.

-Listening to him makes you want to go back to that.

-The ‘Walk & Play La Movida’ project was offered to me by the Hotel Barceló. Imagine how a sound trip to that time. It is rather to travel mentally, because the Madrid of today is very little like the one I describe.

-You missed the concert of the birth of the Movida.

-I had hepatitis while on tour with Tequila. I was 19 years old, all my dreams were coming true, and suddenly that bucket of cold water arrived. The boys kept spinning without me, which made me even worse, ha ha ha … That was an explosion of freedom. And I lived it twice because in ’85 I returned to Argentina. I hooked up the two freedom parties, one after the other. And I am alive to tell.

“Because of your good head or your good luck?”

– Let’s say I put my red lines, although sometimes I could not stop in time.

– “Bars are the heart of a city,” he says. How do you handle this time of restrictions?

-I’m recording ‘A country to listen to it’ and it is shocking not being able to stop for a coffee or a beer, and see people queuing to take a bag of food. A city without bars is like an amputee. But the first thing is health, because absences are more painful.

-You just lost your mother.

-It is something very complex. I was a son with parents for a long time. My father still lives at 94 years old. Now I am experiencing for the first time one of the deepest pains there is. It is a sacred, spiritual moment. I have come to places where, too bad for the pain, I have never been.

– Saving the distances, have you mourned the death of Maradona?

-I met him only once but there were many people and we hardly spoke. I understand the Maradona phenomenon but I don’t share it. Football was not seen in my house. They didn’t take me to the court but to concerts.

-And how do you see the one that has been armed at his funeral?

-Like any type of extreme behavior that goes beyond reason. And we see a lot of that lately. Argentina is very soccer fanatic and very passionate and that fervor of the masses can generate dantesque shows.

– You don’t release a new album?

-I need to have a lot of enthusiasm to start composing. And I’m not going to say that I lost it because it sounds very tragic, but the truth is that this whole situation has not been a creative engine for me. However, I am in a beautiful moment. My children have already grown up and I find myself feeling relaxed, with a fuller feeling of life.


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