Ariel Tatum has experienced mental disorders since adolescence, admits it is difficult to have serious relationships


Beautiful artist Ariel Tatum apparently he has mental health problems, Mother. As she admitted, this woman whose full name is Steffhanie Michelle Gabriella Tatum has had Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) since she was a teenager.

Ariel Tatum shared that with this condition, it was difficult for him to recognize his own image. Like ABG, he can become unstable with his own feelings.

“In simple terms, the Indonesian language BPD is a borderline personality. So the image itself is not clear, when ABG likes to be unstable, like not knowing what we want to be,” said Ariel Tatum, quoted from YouTube channel Trans7 Official on Friday (8/1/2021).

Furthermore, Ariel revealed that it was the first time he noticed something strange in himself since the age of 13. It was then that he began to seek professional help.

“From there I sought professional help, and years after that the BPD diagnosis was obtained. Age 18 years,” he said.

Please also note, the mental condition experienced by Ariel Tatum is not easy, Mother. This can make the sufferer do bad things, so he must be controlled.

“The first time I felt something strange (at 13 years old) when I did self harm (self-harm), “said Ariel Tatum.

Not only that, Ariel also admitted that he had tried several times suicide. Fortunately, this can be resolved and controlled properly.

Movie star Rockstar Tape This also acknowledges that his mental condition is quite affecting his love affair, Mother. He said, building a romantic relationship is a difficult thing for him to do.

“To build a romantic relationship has always been difficult for me, so it takes more struggle,” said the woman who was born in Jakarta, November 8, 1996.


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