Arierna overthrows Kathy Ledecky; The coach’s celebration of pulling the mask and laughing

Tokyo: Women’s 400m freestyle swim at the Olympics. Five-time Olympic gold medalist Kathy Ledecky has been knocked out by Australian swimmer Arierna Titmus. Arierna, nicknamed The Terminator, finished in 3.56.69 seconds, followed by Kathy Ledecky in 3.57.36 seconds.

But it was outside the swimming pool that I saw more excitement than the players in this match. From the balcony, Ariana’s coach Dean Boxal broke the noose. The coach had no idea what to do when Ariena touched the finish line.

He celebrated the victory of the disciple by pulling the mask and running back and forth, holding the balcony and laughing. The video went viral on social media. This video has evolved with many trolls. Someone trolls about the joy of getting a vaccine slot.

Content Highlights: Coach Goes Wild After Australia’s Ariarne Titmus Claims Swimming Freestyle Gold At Tokyo Olympics


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