Aristóbulo Istúriz blamed the legitimate National Assembly for the drop in teachers’ salaries

He Minister of Education of the regime, Aristóbulo Istúriz, pointed to the National Assembly elected in 2015 as responsible for the severe fall of the teachers salary.

“He teachers salary has been diminished as a result of the economic warfare, criminal blockade, unilateral sanctions and the damage done by the National Assembly by sponsoring the attack on the currency, “he said during an interview for Venezuelan Television (VTV).

Next, the Chavista official acknowledged that the bonds delivered by the regime through the national card do not match reality.

Imagine what 10 million bolivars used to be. Now you deliver it in a voucher and it is nothing. That means they hit the coin. Now, that is not only the teacher, we must recognize that doctors are also the largest payroll in the country, “he said.

Finally, he stated that they are working to “consolidate the worker’s salary.”

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