Arizona confirms Biden’s narrow victory in the presidential election

After Joe Biden’s election victory was confirmed in the state Arizona is the incumbent US-Präsident Donald Trump the State Governor Doug Ducey tackled on Twitter. “Why is he rushing to get a Democrat into office?” Wrote Trump on Monday evening (local time) on Twitter and again complained of alleged election fraud for which there is no evidence. “What’s the matter with Doug Ducey? Republicans will remember it for a long time! ”Wrote Trump. He then spread tweets from other users, including a message that Republican Ducey had “betrayed” the people of Arizona. Trump wrote in capital letters: “That’s right!”

Before Trump tweeted about Ducey, a scene of the authentication of the election results on Monday had spread on the platform: Ducey takes his cell phone out of his jacket, if you listen carefully you can briefly recognize the song in honor of the American President “Hail to the Chief”. A few minutes later, a cell phone vibrates for about 20 seconds until Ducey reaches for his and everything goes quiet.

Ducey had spoken at a press conference in July about his good relations with the White House and said that he had such a direct exchange with Trump and his deputy Mike Pence that he had set himself “Hail to the Chief” as a ringtone “because I didn’t have one wanted to miss another call straight from the White House ”. There was no official confirmation that it was Ducey’s cell phone that rang during authentication – and that it was actually a call from the White House.

So far, Trump has tried unsuccessfully to overturn the election result from which he emerged as the loser.


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