Armando Benedetti scolded Gustavo Petro’s ministers

The Government of Gustavo Petro is just adding its first hours in managing the country and has already found itself with a slap on the wrist by one of those closest to the president. This is the former senator Armando Benedettiwhich this Tuesday surprised with a publication on Twitter in which he dared to warn the president’s ministers.

Although he did not mention specific names, the former congressman was encouraged to launch a small scolding: “Watch out ministers, here what has to be executed are the president’s public policies and not the president being aware of yours. Zero egos and vanities!” Benedetti wrote on his social networks.

The former senator is one of the men closest to Gustavo Petro. In fact, he was considered one of the brains of the presidential campaign. Even, He had the luxury of asking all the candidates on the list for the Senate for the Historical Pact to travel further across the country in search of votes.

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Until now, Benedetti does not have a fixed position in Gustavo Petro’s cabinet; nevertheless, It is not ruled out that the former senator be considered as ambassador to Venezuelasince he has been the one in charge of the contacts with the government of the neighboring country.

Precisely, on that charge Petro himself had already spoken in previous days: “The possibilities are being studied (…) the chancellor {Álvaro Leyva} has the job of choosing ambassadorssome have already been chosen, like the one from the United States {former minister Luis Gilberto Murillo}”.

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