Armenia: Macron launches humanitarian aid for the Karabakh community

Emmanuel Macron traveled on Saturday to the headquarters of a Phoneton which collects funds for the benefit of the populations in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, a separatist region of Azerbaijan with an Armenian majority affected by the war.

“This humanitarian commitment is obviously what we owe to the 120,000 displaced persons from Nagorny Karabakh (or Nagorno Karabakh) and the 7 restored provinces, but also to at least one million Armenians who today live in conditions which are unbearable “,” undernourished “and struck by” very great poverty “, explained the Head of State.

A first aid plane will leave France “on Sunday”, he said. Another will fly on Friday carrying government and Fund aid (health, warm clothes, toys, etc.), with the former French international footballer of Armenian origin Yuri Djorkaeff on board.

Dramatic humanitarian situation, despite the ceasefire

“Today, there is a ceasefire” between Azerbaijan and Armenia, “but there is a humanitarian situation which is dramatic”, affirmed the former world champion in 1998, also present at Phoneton. The displaced people “had to flee, often taking little belongings”, explains Christophe Dossikian, vice-president of the French Armenian Fund.

The Phoneton launched Thursday. He has raised 1.7 million euros and is expected to reach 2 million. But “the needs are much greater,” said Dossikian. About twenty people work on the site, in premises provided by a telecom group.

The main target is the Armenian diaspora in France which, with 600,000 people, is the largest in Europe.

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“We welcome the involvement of President Macron, who was the only one among Western leaders to denounce the Azeri aggression,” said Dossikian.

In addition to humanitarian aid, Emmanuel Macron explained that France was asking for “a heritage and cultural ceasefire” to avoid “destruction of Armenian cultural and religious heritage” in the region. The head of state also reiterated his wish for “international supervision” of the agreement signed last week between Azerbaijan and Armenia, sponsored by Russia, which ended several weeks of clashes. murderers in Nagorno Karabakh, and “needs to be consolidated”.

There are still questions that “cannot be settled only in a Turkish-Russian discussion,” said Emmanuel Macron, who spoke on the subject Thursday with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian.

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