Armenian Crisis After Losing the War, Thousands of Demonstrators Demand PM to Resign. Page all

YEREVAN, – The political crisis on Armenia after losing the opponent’s war Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakah deepened, with rampant demonstrations demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Thousands of people stormed the center of Yerevan to stage a demonstration, while other residents cheered on through windows and balconies.

Saturday (27/2/2021) at 19.30 local time, the crowd arrived at the parliament building and several people set up tents, according to the correspondent’s observation AFP at location.

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About 5,000 demonstrators were there the previous day, urging lawmakers to act immediately.

“Pashinyan must leave for our country, because his position is very weak today. Nobody is taking it seriously,” said Vera Simonyan, 28, an IT specialist. AFP at the demonstration.

Ex PM Armenia Vazgen Manukyan, who was appointed by the opposition to replace Pashinyan, told the masses that he hoped the political crisis would be resolved in 2-3 days.

He added, “Today Pashinyan has no support. I ask the security services and the police to join the army, to support the army.”

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Pashinyan accused the military of carrying out a coup

Nikol Pashinyan had accused the Armenian military of trying to carry out a coup to overthrow him.

He also invited all his supporters to take to the streets, following the tension caused by the defeat of Azerbaijan in last year’s war.

Earlier, top brass called on Pashinyan to step down. Brings up a power struggle in the Caucasus country.

In his post on Facebook, Pashinyan immediately condemned the military statement and dismissed it as an attempted coup.

“I consider this remark as a coup attempt by the General Staff, and invite our supporters to come to Republic Square now,” he said.

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Pashinyan also fired the chief of staff of general Onik Gasparyan as the party that issued the statement.

However, Armenian President Armen Sarkisian on Saturday (27/2/2021) refused to sign the order.

“The president of the republic, within the framework of his constitutional powers, rejected the draft decision because of objections,” said a quoted presidential office statement. AFP.

They continued that the political crisis could not be resolved by changing personnel frequently.

Shortly after the rejection took place, Pashinyan wrote on Facebook that he would send the warrant once again to the presidential office.

According to the 45-year-old, the president’s decision did not at all ease the crisis.

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