Armie Hammer left her next film due to leakage of sexual messages about fetishes and cannibalism

Following a series of leaked messages from Armie Hammer who are on social networks, and who would involve their sexual life in various extramarital relationships, the actor of Call Me By Your Name and The Social Network decided to abandon his next project: an action comedy called Shotgun Wedding which will star Jennifer Lopez under the aegis of the Lionsgate studio.

In Deadline They explain that the production will look for a new actor for the role that Hammer was going to play, who until now has only closed the comments on his social networks and has not referred to the accusations.

A spokesperson only stated that, due to the imminent start of filming, the actor requested to leave the project. “And we support their decision,” the statement added.

The messages about Hammer, which circulate in Twitter threads and multiple Instagram and TikTok accounts, would correspond to private interactions that he would have sent to various women while he was married.

The information points to methodical messages of a predatory nature towards young women and extramarital affairs that involve accusations of “ghosting”, manipulation, inappropriate sexual behavior and even abusive behaviors.

The content of the messages also includes sexual fantasies of a sadomasochistic nature, although the most commented comments on social networks are related to proposals to “drink blood” and even cannibalism. Another message filters an audio that would correspond to Hammer’s voice recognizing his fetishes.

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