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Arnaud Montebourg launches “a call for the unification” of the left against the extreme right, Anne Hidalgo does not want an “artificial” union

While the appeals of the foot of a part of the militants and voters remain, here is a piece which revives the machine of the union of the forces of the left around a common candidacy for the presidential election 2022. In an interview given to Release, the candidate Arnaud Montebourg launched Tuesday, December 7 “A call for the unification of forces around a common candidate” in front of the “Perilous situation of a probable victory for the extreme right”.

“Be careful, we are and will all be responsible for this situation if it does not change”, warned the former socialist minister of productive recovery in his interview. He insists : “The left is, if it does not unite, threatened with disappearance. “

According to the latter, on the left, “No candidate can create the dynamic to the detriment of the others”. He also believes that “The Zemmour meeting in Villepinte, the result of Eric Ciotti in the LR primary show that the far right has enormous reserves of votes in the second round”. This is why Mr. Montebourg affirms: “Not many of us can and must act to prevent the country from sinking into this chaos. “

The candidate of the “France comeback”, who has experienced internal dissension and strong criticism since his proposal to block money transfers abroad, believes that his project “Singular must be defended”. However, he acknowledges that since his declaration of candidacy, on September 4, “Nothing has changed” in terms of dynamics on the ground.

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More generally, he severely judges that “All the left-wing candidates have fallen: the Greens have not had a primary effect, Anne Hidalgo, who was the highest, drops each time she speaks, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon no longer manages to take off”.

Strongly criticizing the candidate of La France insoumise, for having “Remote by its radicalism and communitarianism”, the champion of “made in France” explains discussing with Fabien Roussel, Communist candidate for the presidential election, “Who is the one who is the least distant from [lui] politically ”. But Arnaud Montebourg believes that it is behind him that the union between the two lines should be made, repeating what he said to Mr. Roussel: “If I give up for you, I become a communist, if you come with me, you remain a communist. “

For Anne Hidalgo, it is first necessary to carry “the substantive questions”

Wednesday December 8, Anne Hidalgo was on the set of France 2. Asked about Mr. Montebourg’s proposal for a common union, the latter retorted:
“A union that would be perceived as artificial (…) would not work. What is needed is to come back to the basic questions, what is the project that we are proposing to the French. This is the theme of a presidential election ”.

“It is not to know in the race of the little horses that has overturned the table to make the little horse move faster”, she continued, before insisting on the fact that France is “Undermined by inequalities”, this “Which deeply fractures our country” and “The fact that the French have lost confidence in their country and in their institutions”.

The Socialist Party (PS) candidate also strongly attacked the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour, justifying the maintenance of his candidacy: “When I see these images of incredible violence last weekend, that the political debate has become” that of“A racist, xenophobic, negationist, who is invited to an open table and for whom we no longer even come to reproach his shortcomings in history, (…) that not only makes me angry but I am also happy to be involved in this campaign “.

At the end of November, it was the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot who said he wanted to rally the left behind him for the presidential election. Anne Hidalgo replied that only “Social democracy” could achieve it. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for his part, continues to castigate “The hollow and empty strategy of the union of the left”. The former Keeper of the Seals Christiane Taubira would ultimately reflect on a possible candidacy.

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