Around 30 preliminary investigations after the riot at the Reichstag

Rand four months after the Occupation of the Reichstag stairs During a demonstration in Berlin, the Berlin police are investigating 40 suspects. The State Criminal Police Office is conducting 31 investigative proceedings, said a police spokesman. More than half of them are proceedings for breach of the peace. More trials could come as the investigation continued.

The editorial network Germany previously reported. Accordingly, suspects are also accused of freeing prisoners, using symbols of unconstitutional organizations, particularly serious breach of the peace, resistance to law enforcement officers, threats, insults and violations of the Assembly Act.

The domestic political spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group, Irene Mihalic, told the editorial network: “It is good that at least some of those involved have been identified and criminal proceedings are ongoing. I hope that there will be convictions. ”However, the investigators should also look to possible networks.

Fear of copycats

One must also assume that the attack by supporters of the elected American President Donald Trump on the Capitol in Washington is “a blueprint” for those “who are also pursuing subversive plans in Germany,” said the Green politician.


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