Around 320,000 visitors at the “Long Night of Churches”

2023-06-02 22:31:20

There were a total of around 2,552 events in 693 churches and church institutions throughout Austria – as many as 1,692 churches took part in the Czech “noc kostelu” with a total of 5,463 events

Vienna (KAP) Around 320,000 people took advantage of the diverse offerings of the “Long Night of the Churches” on Friday. The organizers announced this number just late in the evening. A total of 2,552 events took place in 693 churches and church institutions throughout Austria. In general, those responsible in the dioceses spoke of a strikingly positive mood and great interest after the last few years with corona-related restrictions. For the first time in several years, the “Long Night” took place in all Austrian dioceses.

It was already the 18th “Long Night” for the Archdiocese of Vienna. A total of 192 churches took part, 37 of which are in Lower Austria. Around 120,000 people attended a total of around 900 events. “Hotspot” in the federal capital was again St. Stephen’s Cathedral with around 40,000 visitors, as cathedral priest Toni Faber announced.

In the Archdiocese of Salzburg, 105 events could be attended in 49 churches. In Styria there were 352 events in 94 churches, in Carinthia there were 159 events in 82 churches. In the diocese of St. Pölten, 76 churches took part in the “Long Night” with 273 events, in the diocese of Linz there were 72 churches with 303 offers. In the diocese of Innsbruck, 42 ​​churches took part with 80 events and in the diocese of Eisenstadt there were 31 churches with 138 program items.

The “Long Night of the Churches” also took place on the same evening in South Tyrol, the Czech Republic and parts of Switzerland. 1,692 churches took part in the Czech “noc kostelu” with a total of 5,463 events, in Switzerland there were 2,351 events in 748 churches and in South Tyrol 103 events in 47 churches.

The next two dates for the “Long Night of the Churches”, each on a Friday, have already been set: These are June 7, 2024 and May 23, 2025. The organizers also announced this on Friday evening.

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