Arowana Tukul Natural Brain Bleeding, Recovery Can Take Years


The public was shocked by the incident Arowana hammer to have to be rushed to the hospital. He was sick with a brain haemorrhage and had to undergo surgery. Currently, his condition is said to have started to improve.

Questioning the comedian’s recovery, the pain caused by a brain hemorrhage is said to be able to recover in a long time. It can take months to years, depending on how extensive the brain hemorrhage is. This is according to a consultant neurology and from RSPON-FK UNAIR Dr Yohanna Kusuma SpS when interviewed by detikcom as quoted by detikHealth.

“For example, if he has extensive bleeding, then he definitely needs time. If the bleeding is minor, surgery is not necessary,” he explained when interviewed by detikcom, Friday (9/24/2021).

“(Recovery) can take months, it can take years because the blood dies. The brain is nourished by the blood. Well, if a blood vessel bursts, it can’t get to the cells that need it,” he continued.

Before finally being rushed to the hospital, Arowana hammer in the middle of a working holiday. There are no outside filming activities so he chooses to do other activities. He is said to be still laughing with several colleagues before the incident.

“So on the 22nd (September) it was morning, we happened to be relaxing. Incidentally, I was clearing Mas Tukul’s schedule so he didn’t take a job. He was doing his usual activities, so it was like making videos for YouTube in the morning, after that morning, afternoon too normal activities, even in the afternoon Mas Didit and Mas Toro are also joking,” said Riski Kimon, manager of Tukul Arwana, when met at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital), Cawang, East Jakarta, Friday (24/9/ 2021).

But on the same day, Tukul Arowana complained of not feeling well, his head was dizzy, and his body felt weak. Then the family immediately took Tukul Arowana to the hospital.

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