Arrested a worker of an operator for impersonating third parties and hiring telephone lines

Agents of the National Police of the Provincial Police Station of León arrested on Tuesday a Spanish male of Ecuadorian origin, 32 years old, as the alleged perpetrator of crimes of usurpation of civil status and fraud, which supplanted third parties to hire telephone lines in The company I worked for.

After the complaint made by a telephone operator, the distributor of the same operator was identified and detained who, between September 2016 and October 2017, impersonated the identity of third parties hired telephones with acquisition of high-end terminals and non-payment of the corresponding invoices, caused an economic damage of 35,111 euros.

On the occasion of the requirement of an individual the corporate security department of the telephone operator, the hiring and acquisition of terminals in which one of its distributors had intervened was analyzed, taking advantage of this condition supplanted the identity of third parties formalizing contracts in their name, confirming a total of 47 activated services. In addition, linked to the contracting of these lines were sent by the operating company 21 orders that included 68 mobile terminals.

From the security department of the telephone operator it was possible to link fraudulent contracting and telephone terminal orders by confirming that the requests had been processed by the same commercial, the data provided in the contracting being coincident as delivery addresses for orders, Contact phone and lines with the same telephone terminals.

The alleged perpetrator of the denounced facts, which already has diverse police records, after giving a statement, was released, processing the appropriate attestation that was sent to the Court of Instruction of the Guard of Leon. .

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