arrested, he spits in the direction of the police and threatens them

15 months imprisonment with a probationary suspension of 5 years. This is the sentence imposed by the Criminal Court of Verviers on a young 25-year-old Aubelois on June 22.

In April 2020, the police from the Pays de Herve police zone were called to intervene in Aubel for a violent person who disturbed public order. He was causing mayhem, knocking over trash cans and screaming, we wrote at the time. The police were quick to identify the young man, 24 years old at the time, well known to the services. “The individual was immediately aggressive and threatening when the police arrived. He started spitting in their direction, insulting and threatening them… ”, reports Déborah Otte from the communication and strategy unit of the police zone.

>> It ends with snatch a surveillance camera

>> He was tried for outrage, threat and destruction of material


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