Arresting ‘capos’ does not end crime: López Obrador

The federal government’s strategy to combat organized crime does not involve locating and arresting leaders of criminal gangs, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Arresting 'capos' does not end crime: López Obrador

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Arresting ‘capos’ does not end crime: López Obrador

From Xochimilco, the head of the Executive established that his main strategy is to provide training opportunities, scholarships and, eventually, employment to young people and with them put an end to the “reserve army” of organized crime.

Do you think that only stopping the bosses will solve the problem? No. Of course, if we find them we will stop them, but the purpose is to attend to the causes and one purpose is to take away the young people. That is the battle, Leave them without a reserve army. Take away the youth. How are the bosses going to do it if young people have study options, job options? “Exposed Löpez Obrador.

He acknowledged that several years will pass to observe the results of the Young Building the Future program, which seeks to comply with the granting of the beneficiaries of training opportunities, a scholarship and eventually employment.

This program, however, was 40 percent efficient in 2021 when providing a source of employment to the 225 thousand beneficiaries who graduated. The rest join the ranks of unemployment again.

Sure, this is not achieved overnight, it is a process, but it has already started. I remember that when I spoke of facing the problem of insecurity and violence in this way, they told me, ‘yes, yes, yes, that’s fine, but it takes time. What are you going to do?’ Well, that. “, Sentenced the head of the Executive.

He said that his strategy to combat crime does not involve applying coercive measures, a strong hand, threats of “my hand will not shake”, more prisons and “a strong hand”, and more severe laws.

The head of the Executive pointed out that during September 140,000 new formal jobs were created, and 50,000 remain to return to the level that was had in May 2020, when the steepest fall due to the Covid 19 pandemic was recorded.

He considered that it is expected to close 2021 with a new record of remittances sent by Mexican migrants from the United States, with an amount of 48 billion dollars.

In the evaluation of Young People Building the Future, 67,720 million pesos have been invested in scholarships, to benefit 1,930,000 young people who neither study nor have a formal job.

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