Arrests and injured during protests in Israel

BProtests in Israel against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are on Saturday evening several people have been arrested. According to media reports, thousands of demonstrators had gathered in front of Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem, and protests against Netanyahu were also reported from other cities. In some places there were clashes between opponents and supporters of the head of government. The police arrested several people. A corruption process is underway against Netanyahu, and for months there have been repeated angry protests against him on the streets across the country.

In the evening there were also clashes in Jerusalem between the police and several hundred right-wing demonstrators who had moved to the police headquarters after the fatal accident of a young settler fleeing from security forces. The 16-year-old settler had previously thrown stones at Palestinians, reported among others the “Times of Israel”. Eleven officers were injured in the clashes, the police tweeted. Eleven demonstrators were arrested.


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