Arsenal FA Cup Champion, Arteta: Thank you Guardiola!

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Mikel Arteta successfully presents FA Cup in its inaugural season handle Arsenal. He did not forget to thank his mentor, Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal won the FA Cup after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final round which took place at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (1/8/2020) evening hrs. The Blues had superior first through a goal Christian Pulisic, but The Gunners reply via two goals Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang which ensured Arsenal grabbed their 14th FA Cup trophy in history.

This achievement was also the first for Arteta throughout his career as Arsenal manager. After being appointed as interpreter of tactics The Gunners in December 2019, he immediately won a trophy in his inaugural season.

Launch chooseArteta became the first Arsenal manager to win a trophy for his club in his first year as a tactician The Gunners in the past 33 years. He equaled the achievements previously achieved by George Graham in the 1986/1987 season.

Not only that, Arteta was also noted as the first person to be able to lift the FA Cup with both team captain and manager status. Previously when he was still actively playing, he had led the London club to become a champion in 2015.

Regarding his achievements in winning the first season, Arteta claimed he could not be in his current position without Guardiola, who had been his mentor for three years when he was still an assistant coach of Manchester City. The 38-year-old man did not hesitate to thank the boss The Citizens the.

“He has been a key figure in my development as a coach. I would not be here today without him,” Arteta said after the FA Cup final. Omnisport.

“I have to thank him a lot,” Arteta revealed.

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