Arson attack on Melipilla kiosk would have originated as revenge for funa on the internet | National

The partner of Fabián Reyes, a 36-year-old man who was burned after an individual set fire to his kiosk in Melipilla, he recounted the circumstances of why the attack had occurred.

The fact that was recorded by a security camera occurred last Monday and left Reyes with injuries that keep him hospitalized in critical condition.

In the images a man is seen spraying a accelerating fluid to the victim’s kiosk and then set it on fire, to walk away from the place.

Loreto Arias, a Reyes couple, told LUN that everything would be due to a revenge of a man known as “Z”, who was founded by the victim minutes before the attack.

According to Arias, the defendant owed Reyes money. “My mother-in-law was able to see Fabi right after the attack. She works a block away from him, also at a newsstand. He told me that Fabian, still conscious, told him that managed to recognize the guy that he had founded, ”he said.

He added that Reyes the day before the event “told me that a guy owed him money. I asked him to drop the subject until there and not get into trouble. But he replied that he wanted to found it, because that was how he was going to be ashamed. I was very choppy. The next day, Monday, around 11:00, I saw that he published the funa; at 12:00 the rooster went to him and burned the kiosk ””.

How was the debt born? In the woman’s opinion, “I get the impression that in the middle of a party, Fabián paid for everything and this person told him that we would fix it later. Because it is difficult for me to pay money ”.

The author of the fact he is on the run.


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