“Art is a medicine”

If we were to describe our society current, we could do it with a few adjectives: we are in a world individualistic, materialistic and consumerist, where the individual moves further away from the community every day, reaching a level where the most important thing is their needs, and where at the same time there is a group of subjects who cannot find their place in society.

In the reality of which we are a part, people find it difficult to think about the other more than in themselves: we are all locked in a different cage and we find it difficult to communicate and share time with others. To solve this problem, which affects all cultures on the planet equally, there are different instruments useful, and the art It is one of them.

Today art is perceived as one of the most universal and distinctive activities of the humanity, a phenomenon that has accompanied its story From the beginning. Since always, it works as therapy and how relief: gives voice to those who have something to say, allows express feelings and emotions that would otherwise remain stifled and that, coming to light, could represent a release.

A fundamental and very important characteristic of art is that it contains space for everyone: it is not necessary to conform to the tastes of the majority, everyone can find their own way; it is not necessary to speak when someone prefers silence, it is not necessary to be silent when all we want to do is shout out. Every painting, every song, every sculpture, every poetry represents a part of our alma that needed to manifest itself, and nothing could be more intense: a act of freedom and self-love.


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