Art | Telling the story of the red, the national outstanding musical performance show “The Light Chaser” will be unveiled in Jinan_Shandong Province

Original title: Art | Telling the story of the red, the national outstanding musical show “The Light Chaser” will be unveiled in Jinan

The reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Dongying Municipal Committee of Shandong Province on October 20 that the national outstanding musical performance “The Light Chaser” will be performed in two consecutive performances at the Jinan Provincial Grand Theater from November 23 to 24.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of the repertoires that participated in the second National Excellent Musical Show. It selected 81 Chinese original musicals created since 2018 across the country, and finally selected “The Light Chaser”. Nine outstanding works participated in the performance, which is also the only selected work in Shandong Province.

Shandong is a red hot land with a glorious revolutionary tradition. In “The Light Chaser” in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Li Yunsheng, a Communist with ancestral home from Guangrao, Shandong, rebuilt and strengthened the Nanjing underground party organization of the Communist Party of China. Through the artistic stage presentation of musicals, Li Yunsheng vividly interprets Li Yunsheng’s lofty revolutionary spirit of “belief first, responsibility, sacrifice for the people, and determination to prosper the nation”, and enthusiastically praise the revolutionary martyr represented by Li Yunsheng for adhering to the original mission of the Communists , The noble sentiment and revolutionary integrity of pouring ideals with blood and defending faith with life.

“The Light Chaser” took more than one year of preparation and more than three months of production, and officially premiered on June 19. The play has a strong creative team, including the national first-level screenwriter Zhang Jiqiang, the young screenwriter Wang Juan, the young composer Du Yong, the national first-level stage design designer Wang Xingang, the national first-level lighting designer Meng Bin, the costume designer Wang Yukuan, etc., all of which are the National Stage Art Awards And the winner of Shandong Literature and Art Award. The chief director Chen Wei is the most influential opera and musical director in China today. He has won six consecutive awards at the China Arts Festival, three times won the Wenhua Award, and won the “Five One Project Award” from the Central Propaganda Department and the National Art Fund. He has won the “Wenhua Director Award” and the “Outstanding Director Award” in the China Opera Festival many times. In the play, Li Yunsheng plays the role of the Golden Bell Award winner and a young singer from Shandong, Yu Haiyang.

The plot of the play is ups and downs, touching and climaxing when Li Yunsheng and his son met in prison. After Li Yunsheng was arrested and imprisoned, because his true identity could not be determined, the enemy brought his two-year-old son. When the child said heartbreakingly, “I want daddy, I want daddy”, Li Yunsheng No longer able to remain calm, he desperately embraced his two-year-old son Xiao Ning, revealing his identity, but resolutely chose to part with his relatives, never betray the revolutionary ideals, and settle down calmly. Relevant experts said that this shows us the indestructible belief of a Communist like a rock, his feelings are as vast as the sea, his character is shining like stars, and the power of faith echoes the brilliance of human nature.

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