“Artiboutik: The Turnkey E-Commerce Solution for Artisans and Craftsmen to Boost Visibility”

2023-05-28 22:01:36

A solution to facilitate e-commerce

Digital technology is ever more present in our daily lives, and without replacing real contact, it has become more human by putting itself at the service of proximity and interactivity. Many craftsmen have thus set foot in the stirrup, understanding the importance of “connected commerce”.
However, the observation is there: only 53% of artisans have a showcase or e-commerce website, even though 92% declare that the Web is essential or useful for their activity (study conducted by Le Monde des Artisans). The digital transformation of craftsmen has thus imposed itself with the evolution of the uses of their customers.

Increase your visibility with a turnkey service

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Chamber of Craftsmanship (CMA PACA) has therefore launched the platform Artiboutik. In collaboration with the website Here the craftsmen, which gives pride of place to local artisans and producers, this turnkey solution allows artisans in the arts and crafts industries to reference themselves to increase their visibility. The latter then benefit from a targeted communication plan throughout the year to bring them visibility with their potential client.

At the same time, the CMA PACA supports them in the creation of their e-commerce site to develop their business. This virtual shop allows each craftsman to present his company, his products and his know-how. For their part, the craftsmen undertake via a charter to guarantee the quality and origin of their products. The CMA PACA also provides personalized support to craftsmen according to their needs through training or coaching.

Workshops to learn about craftsmanship

If the Artiboutik platform is a real link between artisans and their customers through its Marketplace, it also allows you to discover the know-how of the latter through participatory workshops. The public can thus discover the manufacture of nougat in a family confectionery and the secrets of the creation of craft beers from Nice. But he can also learn about the techniques of santon makers and ceramists who pass on their art with passion. For artisans, Artiboutik is not only a good way to meet the public, but also to maximize their chances of opening their business to new markets in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and beyond. of the.

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