Artist name: Erol Sander: In the boarding school he was called UFO

Artist name
Erol Sander: At boarding school his name was UFO

«Istanbul Murder Commission»: Erol Sander is investigator Mehmet Özakin for the last time. Photo: Marilena Anastasiadou / ARD Degeto / dpa

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Urcun Salihoglu became Erol Sander: The actor tells how it came about – and what other names he had.

Actor Erol Sander had to put up with all sorts of nicknames in his youth.

«My name was a linguistic stumbling block for most of the people, it only resulted in salad. At the boarding school in Bavaria I got nicknames like Ufo or Uwe after Uwe Seeler, ”said the 52-year-old TV star, who came to Germany from Turkey as Urcun Salihoglu at the age of five, told the German press agency.

His name, which is difficult to pronounce for German tongues, was later the reason for choosing a stage name, explained Sander, who viewers know from the series “Mordkommission Istanbul”, among others: “I thought that as an actor you would end the language barriers and look for yourself a more colloquial, internationally familiar name with reference to the origin. ” Erol is a Turkish first name and in his case has nothing to do with the Hollywood star Errol Flynn (1909-1959, “The Lord of the Seven Seas”). And Sander sounds like “chair” in Turkish.

“I feel very comfortable with this name – it is also in my passport,” said Sander. In the ARD crime series, which has been successful since 2008 – the last time it was seen on Saturday (May 29) at 8:15 p.m. – he plays the investigator Mehmet Özakin. The “Decision in Athens” case takes him to the Greek capital alongside Idil Üner (ZDF “Night Shift”) and directed by Ismail Sahin.


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