Arturo Nanita says he attacked the dog Truffle to defend his son

Oscar Arturo Nanita said on Monday that the attack he committed against truffle, a French bulldog, was to protect his son.

In an interview conducted by the program El Sol de la Mañana, the man said that the blows to Trufa were because the dog was trying to attack his son.

“At that moment I lost my mind because an event like the one that happened had never happened. The boy crying and the dog on top of him and I take it off and she came back,” Nanita said.

He said that since he was a child he has had animals and that nothing like this had ever happened to him.

“Since I was little I have had about 15 dogs, and of that same breed I have another that is at my son’s house as well. Many of my friends have bought me from the litter that I have had. Something like this had never happened to me, is what worst thing that happened to me, “he said

He stated that he is not an aggressive person and that he acted badly.

“I admit that I lost my mind because I love my son, I lost my mind and there was the camera and my action. I am not justifying what I did, I know it was wrong,” he said.

He stressed that the Animal Protection Unit will call him for a psychological evaluation and said he is willing to undergo the test.

His lawyer, Enrique Vallejo, said that he appeared at 10:00 am on Saturday morning at Animal Protection to take responsibility and continue the investigation, but the prosecutor was not there.

“A media process is taking place, we are real and we are aware of what happened,” said the lawyer.

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Vallejo added that after what happened a process had to be started because Nanita recognizes her fault.

Media process

” The facts are there, the circumstance is that what the prosecution must determine why they happened, we have explained that a situation arose where he saw his son in danger, where the dog was on him, knocked him down, hit him, cried and the dog was going to come back, he was going to jump on top of it again and he despaired and committed the act, ” Vallejo said.

He also stressed that there are witnesses to the incident before the video was produced but commented that the prosecution did not pay attention to them.

“We are concerned about how the case is being handled, because the magistrate did not bother to see or talk with the child or witnesses,” he said.


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