Aryan No. 956; Shah Rukh Khan cancels advertisement and shooting; Salman for help | Aryan Khan | Arrest | Police | Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has canceled all Navratri celebrations in Mannath following the arrest of Aryan Khan in a drug case. Amma Gauri performs special prayers and poojas for Aryans on Navratri day.

According to national media reports, Gauri has given up celebrations and sweets and is praying and Shah Rukh Khan has lost sleep due to grief and anger. Family and friends were hoping Aryan would be released on bail soon. But all of them were disappointed when the verdict on Aryan Khan’s bail plea was postponed to October 20.

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan had asked his friends and colleagues not to come to Manna from time to time. Shah Rukh Khan’s decision was made in view of the fact that fans, paparazzi and the media are flocking to Mannath to see the stars.

Actor Salman Khan, a close friend and colleague of Shah Rukh Khan, has already visited the star family three times. Salman and director Sajid Khan are with Shah Rukh Khan to go to court and other assistance.

Shah Rukh Khan has suspended all his projects following the arrest of his son. Advertising contract with Ajay Devgn canceled. Filming of the new movie Pathan and the movie directed by Attlee has been suspended.

Aryan, who has been in Arthur Road Jail since the 8th, was given the number N956. She spoke to her parents Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan via video call yesterday. The jail superintendent said Aryan had received a money order of Rs 4,500 from home to buy food and other items from the jail canteen, which is the maximum amount that can be sent from outside. The days are spent drinking bottled water and eating biscuits and canteen food is reported to be used sparingly. It is also said to be incompatible with toilet facilities.


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