As 5G arrives in France, how much are the new plans costing?

5G is officially activated this Wednesday. Two of the four operators have already launched their first packages. Significantly higher rates than those of 4G plans. But the arrival of Free in a few weeks could be a game-changer.

Great start for 5G in France. It is this Wednesday, November 18 that customers with a compatible terminal will see the small 5G logo appear at the top of their screen.

On condition of course to live in one of the nine test cities chosen for the launch of this new technology and to have subscribed to a package which includes this offer.

And precisely, how much do these packages cost? For now, of the four French operators, only two have officially unveiled their offer: Orange and Bouygues Télécom. The price lists of SFR (subsidiary of the Altice group, owner of this site) have also been circulating for a few days on the internet but the operator has not yet confirmed.

But it’s obviously the most anticipated Free on this market. At the time of 4G, the operator had struck a blow by including 4G free of charge in its 3G packages at 19.99 euros. This had forced its competitors to align themselves by reviewing their tariff offers.

Will it be the same with 5G? Because for the moment, the prices of the advertised packages are higher than those in 4G.

Bouygues Télécom: from 15.99 euros the first year

Unveiled in June, Bouygues prices are quite aggressive the first year. The 4G Sensation 50GB package is indeed 5G compatible. It costs only 15.99 euros per month the first year but increases to 30.99 euros after one year.

To have more data, it will cost significantly more. The 60 GB package (unlimited on weekends) costs 26.99 euros per month but will drop to 41.99 euros after one year. The 90 GB is 33.99 euros (48.99 euros after one year) and the generous 120 GB is billed at 54.99 euros per month the first year then 69.99 euros.

Prices in the end quite expensive. Especially since data consumption will be higher with 5G and customers may feel cramped in their basic 50 GB plan.

Orange: from 24.99 euros the first year

Like Bouygues, Orange offers fairly aggressive call prices but which should skyrocket after a year. Its first rate “4G compatible 5G” of 70 GB costs 24.99 euros per month the first year before swelling to 15 euros (39.99 euros after one year). This 5G package costs only 5 euros more than the equivalent 4G package (19.99 euros for 70 GB for one year then 34.99 euros).

The operator offers three other more generous data plans: a 100 GB at 34.99 euros per month (49.99 euros after one year), a 150 GB at 49.99 euros (64.99 euros after one year) and unlimited at 79.99 euros (94.99 euros after one year).

SFR: probably from 40 euros per month

The operator is still refining its offer and has yet to reveal anything. But information has leaked on social networks revealing higher prices than current 4G plans. The operator could, like its two competitors, offer reduced rates for the first year.

According to the information that has leaked, the 80 GB would cost 40 euros per month (against 20 euros for the 4G equivalent and 35 euros after one year), the 100 GB would be offered at 50 euros, the 150 GB at 65 euros and an unlimited package would be offered at 95 euros, the same price as Orange.

Free: no offer disclosed for the moment

If some operators have planned prices that should increase after a year, it may be while waiting to know what Free will do. The operator headed by Xavier Niel has not yet disclosed anything and could perhaps do the same thing as with 4G. That is to say, offering 5G for free in its current packages, which would make competing offers much less competitive after a year.

Asked in The echoes on the price increases for packages with the switch to 5G, Xavier Niel has implied that this might not be the case at home.

Wait until you see our offers !, warns the boss of Iliad, the parent company of Free. I just notice that in Europe, 4G has not made it possible to increase prices. We are in very competitive markets. “

Free currently offers two 4G plans. One of 70 GB at 13.99 euros per month (19.99 euros after one year) and another of 100 GB at 19.99 euros (but cheaper and with unlimited data for Freebox subscribers). The operator should unveil its prices for 5G in the coming weeks.

5G will be a reality for our subscribers in the coming weeks, always with a concern for the right price “, assured this week Thomas Reynaud, the managing director of Iliad in Le Figaro.

Frédéric Bianchi

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