As Apple prepares to revamp the MacBook Pro, next week also marks the 30th anniversary of the original PowerBook’s formation

Apple hosts Big event on Mac on Monday In the morning, they are expected to unveil the completely redesigned MacBook Pro. Distinguished users have been waiting for Apple to revamp the MacBook Pro since the 2016 model was introduced with the unpopular touch bar and a well-known butterfly keyboard. But this coming week also marks a special anniversary for Apple mobile devices. as pointed out Stephen SinofskyThis coming Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the original PowerBook.

First PowerBook

In October 1991, Apple revolutionized computing with what was already the first modern laptop computer. It was the first machine to push the keyboard up and display the palm rest with a track roller. The device was revealed as the PowerBook 100 series at COMDEX in Las Vegas. In fact, there is a recording of the introduction that you can expect below.

Apple launched three machines at the show: the PowerBook 100, PowerBook 140, and PowerBook 170. All three computers have active TFT matrix displays and break the Snow White design language pattern with gray plastic instead of light beige.؟v=qaBmrAiVhJ0

The PowerBook was a hugely popular product line for Apple, even in the 1990s when the company started to falter before Steve’s comeback. The PowerBook family was one of the few product lines Steve didn’t have when he returned to Apple in 1997. Until the launch of the MacBook Pro in 2006, Apple continued to release new PowerBooks with improved processors and radical, stunning designs. Fun fact: My favorite Mac notebook ever is the 12-inch PowerBook G4.

PowerBook, Get to Know the MacBook Pro

Apple discontinued the PowerBook family in 2006 when it began moving to Intel processors. The first MacBook Pro looks almost identical to the PowerBook G4 it replaced, except for the built-in iSight camera and the modified port selection.؟v=I6JWqllbhXE

In 2016, Apple was expected to introduce its first major upgrade to the MacBook Pro since it unveiled the Unibody chassis in its 2008 revamp. The PowerBook 100. Apple recognizes that the PowerBook was the first true consumer laptop, although from a different era. in the company’s history.؟v=eW68KSqyURY

This brings us to today. Apple chose this week to showcase the new MacBook features for a reason. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the new MacBook enthusiasts that have been rumored for years and plenty of ride on will be revealed on the 30th anniversary of its early predecessor.

It gives me hope that Apple will truly rise to the challenge and realize the importance of this moment. Apple’s Silicon app is changing everything and making other Apple product lines better than ever. Just as in 2006 when Steve got on stage and killed another PowerBook that he made clear they couldn’t put a G5 in, I fully expect John Ternus to make the same argument on Monday morning, when he will inevitably present his refurbished MacBook Pro.

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