As part of the Flashpoint project, more than 36 thousand flash games for launching offline were saved

Outdated technologies sooner or later become history. The same thing will happen soon Adobe flash. This web standard was very popular in the early 2000s, but now it is used much less frequently. And from December 31, almost all current browsers will stop supporting it.

This means the death of numerous flash games, but some of them will still remain. Project Specialists Flashpoint They are working on creating a backup copy of at least some of these games to run on local computers.
At the moment, more than 36 thousand items are collected with a total volume of about 290 GB (unpacked). And although many of these games look rather strange, it’s still part of the gaming industry and digital history. You can download them on the official website.

As noted, the Flashpoint project will include those games that the creators or copyright holders themselves will ask to save.

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